Active Lives Active Communities (ALAC) is committed to making a positive and sustainable difference to people’s life skills, health, education, citizenship, and aspiration.

About Us

Active Lives Active Communities is a Community Interest Company. We formed in June 2018 and are a not-for-profit organisation based in Doncaster. We manage and deliver a wide range of community projects and programmes to help children, young people and older people overcome personal and health barriers. Such barriers can prevent people of all ages from living a healthy, active and engaging life within their local community.

We often deliver community projects in partnership with other local voluntary organisations, schools, sports clubs and private businesses. This approach is a very successful way of ensuring the local community become committed to the sustainability and continuity of each project.

Our recent projects have helped children and young people disengage from taking part in crime, anti-social behaviour and risk-taking behaviour. We have seen them achieve greater success in the classroom and we have inspired people of all ages to be healthy, active citizens who care about where they live and their impact in society.

In the last two years, we have delivered successful projects in partnership with the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, National Lottery, People’s Health Trust, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Community Foundation, the Department for Education and EXPECT Youth.

We are committed to helping children, young people and older people make a positive difference in their daily life, education, workplace and community.

We actively develop and nurture strong local partnerships to assist the sustainability and continuity of our projects.​


Delivering projects in partnership with

Our Directors

As well as substantial personal skills and professional business experience, our Directors also have lived experience. We find this is invaluable. It sits at the heart of our governance and drives our strategy. 

Their combined experience assist our Board to make evidence-based decisions, to scrutinise performance through the eyes of the beneficiary, and ensures we are a more inclusive, insightful and impactful community organisation.


Ben Hunter

Business Development and Finance


Mark Clapham

Partnerships and Education


Jon Whiteley

Health, Wellbeing and Active Citizenship


Katie Hunter

Diversity, Inclusion, Safeguarding and Community Engagement

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